SICK Of feeling not like yourself and having zero energy all the time

The FNP Program Will Make You Become The Healthiest, Fittest and Most confident you Have Ever Been - Fully Guaranteed

  • Workout program done either at the gym or at home

  • Nutrition guide to help lose weight

  • Daily challenges to keep you accountable


This will be life changing, just TAKE IT FROM OUR MEMBERS.

Having Fitribe has been able to help me create better habits in life so I can make a healthy happier me. All trainers at Fitribe are so helpful, friendly, encouraging and supportive. They always check in on you to keep you motivated, to see what you are doing good at or what needs to be improved or changed. As well as giving us the important and valuable information that is needed. Reccomend to anyone

Lenore Birkett

Fitribe has been the kickstart I needed to start budging the unwanted weight and to motivate me to improve my fitness. The check in zoom calls have been fabulous to talk through what has been happening and how to get the most out of my effort. I was reminded each week to celebrate the small wins. Thanks Fitribe

Katrina Wishart-Toma

The whole team at Fittribe is so friendly! I’ve been working with Paige and she’s been nothing short of super supportive. Quick replies to any questions about nutrition, workouts and a general healthy lifestyle, and personalised plans that even factor in a previous injury. Would highly recommend!!

Amber Dawson

Paige is the best motivator I’ve had since being on my weight loss journey! She checks in everyday and helps me with anything I need! She is very knowledgeable and talks me through things and explains things to me that I may not understand about weight loss and getting healthy! She is bright and bubbly which makes wanting to lose weight and be committed to it very appealing!! The meal plans are very simple to follow and stick too as well as the daily exercises!! I don’t think i will use any other PTs only FITRIBE now! Love you guys!!

Jeanine McManus

The trainers are passionate & encouraging! They make themselves apart of each persons journey & make you feel empowered & supported!

Debbie Lamberton

Joined FiTribe recently and it has been a very supportive community and helps me have goals to achieve and hold myself accountable to building healthy habits Jake is friendly and supportive and always there to encourage me. Its reassuring that he is there to help answer any questions and check in and set a monthly goal also to the fitribe guys setting up team challenges like the ab one recently. Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a supportive and encouraging health journey

Adrienne Towers

Having a blast with FITRIBE on my fitness journey. Professional and supportive. Jayde has held me accountable when I've needed a kick up the bum and is full of encouragement. Highly recommend!!

Jodie Konstantin

I can’t even explain how glad I am that I joined fitribe. With recently having a baby I was struggling to lose all the baby weight and get back into fitness and thanks to Jayde keeping me accountable and personally checking in I’m back at it and feeling so much more confident. The results I seen within even just a week were incredible! I highly highly recommend joining if you struggle with motivation to workout or eat healthy and seeing how far they can take you

Jahzalia Holmes-Schimanski

Full Refund If you don't lose weight

Yep, that's right, If you do not lose weight in the 28 Day Challenge we will give you your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to get results?

We highly recommend not trying to get the results too fast. This can be extremely damaging to your body if you use the 'get fit quick' tactic. Our goal is to create a program specific to you to help you reach the desired results whilst not depriving yourself. 

What equipment do I need?

Using the program you will start with no equipment but as we progress through the program the option will be there to incorporate bands (short & long) and dumbbells. This is to ensure your body is able to adapt and make changes through increasing resistance. 

What exercise level do I need to be to join?

All levels are welcome here at FITRIBE. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete. We are here to help you achieve the best results via our program.

What if I have dietary requirements?

Let one of our lovely team members know if you have any dietary requirements. We can cater to this when creating your meal guides personalised to you. 

THE FNP Difference


I’ve always been a bit skeptical about fitness programs but FiTribe has really changed that around! Jake is super supportive and always ready to challenge and encourage me. It’s very reassuring that when you’re having trouble at the gym or with your meals, Jake replies almost immediately to give the support that’s needed. Highly recommend this to anyone viewing this page, don’t need a second thought about it!

Nellie Alphonse

Fitribe is super friendly and so supportive, always get extra boost in my week after our chats, the program are easy to follow and a built for my abilities, even if I can't reach all my goals...I always feel like achieving every step of my journey

Taylor Worth

Jake and the Fitribe team are so supportive. Each task has been specifically tailored to help me meet my goal and Jake has been responsive and able to adapt them when it hasn’t worked for me. As someone who has a huge fear of failure, I have been able to feel successful taking small steps towards my bigger goals everyday and every week thanks to the help of Jake. I’m just starting my fitness journey and I am so pleased to have Fitribe on my side!

Belle Palmer

I've had the pleasure of working with Jake before, so when he messaged and told me about Fitribe it was a no brainer (injury, weight gain plus unhealthy habits - i needed this). The support from all the team at Fitribe is amazing and professional, but friendly. Having someone check in, encourage and tell me that I'm smashing it (and yes sometimes to not be to hard on myself) is exactly what I need. Second round for me and cant wait to do more, and see how else I can challenge and grow. I seriosuly could not get the results I've had without Jake and Fitribe guidance. thanks guys

Anj Di Falco

Only been apart of Fitribe for 3 weeks now and I’m already seeing dramatic results which I’m super happy with. Paige is such an amazing flexible coach especially when it came to helping me with meal prepping. I’m so fussy and she came up with the perfect mea plan for me which taste amazing and it had definitely got me out of my comfort zone too trying new foods I’ve never had! I love the workouts I have been given, again bringing me out of my comfort zone and I’m doing exercises I would never do because I wasn’t confident enough to doing it all by myself now! They are simple but very effective exercises and I’m super happy with my progress Paige is amazing with checking in throughout the week to see how everything is going and seeing if I need to make any changes and checking to see if I’m keeping up with all my habits which are now just becoming a good part of my daily routine now.I definitely recommend Fitribe a 10/10, 5 star rating. I am so happy with how my fitness journey is coming along and you should give Fitribe a go to start yours

Shiana Lewis

I am soo happy that I’ve joined FITRIBE! Jake is hands down the best coach in the biz! I’ve just finished my 28-day challenge and he was super supportive and motivating all along! I am super happy with my results and I could not have achieved them without Jake and the team! Could not recommend FITRIBE enough! Jump on the program and try it out yourselves! You will not be disappointed!

Patricia Uzu

Fitribe has been nothing but supportive, and encouraging. She is definitely helping me with achieving the results I’m after. She is always checking in on me to see how I em feeling and to make sure everything is ok!It’s so great having someone to talk to that is knowledge and friendly I definitely highly recommend Paige Fitribe make such a great team and have an amazing vibe

Ash Ware

Finding FITRIBE has been such a amazing positive filled journey & this is only the start, I can’t thank Paige enough for being so amazing at what she does by pushing me when I need to be pushed and always reminding me to stay positive and constantly checking in. All of my needs are always being met from nutrition to fitness and I can’t wait to see what the future holds

Meya Ahwang

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